Thursday, April 3, 2014

Show Room ( HYUNDAI ) 2014 Tripoli - Libya

The main idea was and still is the creation of our own unique communication style for architectural projects
I am deeply sure that my work consists on “picking up” the designer’s ideas and to encapsulate them in images by using my style

villa EanZara 2013 -Tripoli -Libya

I create design and rendering coffee shop nebras this year 2014 tripoli- libya

If I look behind and think about how I came to get this work, I must say that architectural vision is the last of many little steps I’ve done in the past. I attended a polytechnic school that surely helped me with the freehand drawing and Cad, a great passion for me. In 2005 I followed a CG ( computer graphics ) course and I began to work with 3dsmax and V-Ray the following year. I have always worked on texture and photo-retouch, this is the reason I feel I am more inclined for a pictorial visualization and not the 3d. I am really happy with my work and, so far, I’ve got the chance to get in touch with fantastic people and to get more new friends.